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go shopping!!!
I got salary of part time job yesterday.

And I went shopping with my friend after school.

I decided to buy a wallet.

It was expensive for me.

But I did wanted it!!!


I got many things.

flat(comic), pink skinny, ikasumi, and two pocket tissues :)

I like to go shopping♡

We went to the gasuto after shopping.

And talked about friends, home works, love, etc...

She has a boy friend.

She look so happy every day.

I like to hear herself of love, because it makes me so happy.

But I am very enviable in same time.

I want to love someone and talk her about it.

I`m looking forward to come the day.


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Emerald green is lucky collar :) 
I went to book store after scool.

I like book stores very much!!!

And I like to read lot of ladys magazines.

I trust lots a little, but like.

My birthday is october.

So my star sign is scorpio.

one magazine said that you should buy things wanted for the long time.

Now, I want a wallet.

If salary enters, I will buy it.

And the magazine said that my lucky collar is emerald green on May.

The wallet is emerald green too.

I should buy it!!!

it that clear...?

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I notice!!!
I noticed myself that I change these days!!!

My heart has changed from I started to go the English school.

I has received two lessons yet.

But I`m feeling myself changed from before a few days.

I think that May second is boundary line.

I had first lesson that day.

Other students of my class absented that lesson.

So I had to receive lesson with one person.

I became it tense very verrrrry much.

First teacher was a beautiful woman.

She was good at to teach.

She talked slowly for me, so It was easy to understand.

It`s wonderful time for me.

I think that I wanted to speak more after finished lesson!!!

I will study hard and travel foreign country.

....I wanted to make love foreigner♡

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suterday night feeeeeeverrrr!!!

Today, I`m going to meet my friends.

And We are going to sing all night at karaoke:)

I`m looking forward to come today.

But I have a big problem.

I have finished doing homework yet!!!


Well, how should I do?

,,,,,At first, I should take a bath.

Next, I should begin doing homework and finish by 6 pm.


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I went to the English school yesterday.

Teacher was old man and very very nice.

He spoke slowly, so I could understand almost.

But I couldn`t understand any words.

I felt that words is very important.

I asked Japanese teacher that how to study english words.

"To make english texts used words is better."She said.

I had never studied by this method befor.

I will try to study.

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